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Pretty Good Facial’s founder, Megan Calkin on the Kapiti Coast beach showing off her flawless skin Pretty Good Facial’s founder, Megan Calkin on the Kapiti Coast beach showing off her flawless skin Pretty Good Facial’s founder, Megan Calkin on the Kapiti Coast beach showing off her flawless skin

Passionate about natural skincare excellence

Pretty Good Facial’s founder, Megan Calkin, is passionate about natural skincare and is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your well-being. Her personalised consultation takes into consideration not only your skin, but also your mind and soul, to provide the care you need to feel your best.

Located in the beautiful Lotus Eco Village on the Kāpiti Coast, our tranquil treatment room offers a peaceful escape from your daily life. Our focus on quality and individualised care sets us apart from other skincare providers. Whether you’re seeking a moment of peace and luxury or advice on how to achieve your skin goals, we are here to help.

Megan’s training and qualifications

In 2021 Meg completed a Holistic Facial Diploma from the Centre of Excellence, passing with Distinction. The diploma course was very comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics. 

The course started with an introduction to the basic principles of holistic facials, including the difference between standard facials and holistic facials and the benefits of treating clients holistically. 

Throughout the course, Meg learned about the background, theories, and overall benefits of holistic facials, as well as best practices, essential tools and their use, business perspectives, and professional considerations.

The course also delved into the ingredients used in commercial and natural facial products. Meg gained an understanding of the harm caused by the chemicals used in some skincare products and the types of ingredients used in holistic facial products. 

Meg gained an in-depth understanding of providing facials, including the correct order of different facial processes, how to identify the appropriate oils to use based on skin type and long-term goals, and natural facelift massage techniques, such as facial reflexology pressure points and various lymphatic drainage principles and techniques.

With this extensive training, Meg is now fully equipped to provide high-quality holistic facials at Pretty Good Facials.

Megan Wallace's Holistic Facials Diploma from the Centre of Excellence
Megan’s Diploma (earned under her maiden name of Wallace)
Megan was raised in Wellington and Hutt Valley, and she has run several successful personal businesses. These include an online cosmetics business and a beauty therapy business. When Megan is not working in the business office, you can find her painting or tending to her cats.

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